Vern Hart

This is yet another homepage of Vern.

I am one of the more conservative of The Hungry Programmers. I used to be the only married Hungry but lately, it seems, a lot of us are getting hitched. Marriage itself doesn't necessarily make one "old" but having two kids and a mortgage sure helps!

I am also somewhat artistic. The "Hungry" word on the background and some of the artwork on the main Hungry page were all hand-drawn by me. We now have a way of ordering Hungry T-Shirts online. There are now three designs.

Bulk Silicone Bouncing Putty is Fun! Glow-in-the-dark is really bright under a black light.

I maintain Vern's SIRDS Gallery.

I worked for Colossus Web Hosting where I was one of only three UNIX gurus taking care of more than 500 machines hosting more than 70,000 domains. It was interesting to say the least. The really great thing about this job was that I was working from home. This gave me lots of extra time to play with my kids. Apparently they're having financial difficulties as they cut me loose as a New Year's present. Here's my resume.

As far as web authoring goes, I use the world's best html editor,

Through a complicated network of .forward files, aliases and procmail scripts, I separatly maintain many email addresses. If there's a vern@ address, there's a good chance it's me. I read email continually at work and from home so chances are you'll get a quick response. is my preferred public address since spammers tend to stay away from .org addresses.