Toshok's Piercing Page

I admit it. I like pierces. I like the way they look on others.. some are extremely sexy. I love getting them done. No, I'm most definitely not into pain. It's the endorphine afterglow that keeps me coming back. Talk about a rush :)

I've accumulated in the past couple of years several pierces, ranging from rather tame ear pierces to my nipples and my PA.

Here's a list of them and a little info on each, with links to photos.

Pierce Piercing Establishment Date Jewelry
Eyebrow Falling Moon Tatto, Moscow Id. June 1994 14 gauge 3/8" captive bead
PA Golden Body Rings, Seattle WA. July 3, 1995 10 gauge 5/8" circular barbell
Both Nipples Nomad, San Francisco CA. ??? 10 gauge 5/8" captive bead
Eyebrow Nomad, San Francisco CA. ??? 14 gauge 3/8" captive bead
Both Ears Gauntlet, San Francisco CA. ??? 12 gauge 1/2" captive bead