Toshok's Prince Albert

The atmosphere at Golden Body Rings was really strange. Clean, almost antiseptic feeling.. looked like a dentist's office.

To answer several the most common questions I've gotten in email about this pierce: Yes it hurt. It hurt a lot. Some clarification is needed here. It wasn't the needle that caused the pain -- that didn't really hurt all that much. It was the guide rod that had to go into the urethra that caused the pain. Ever had the VD test with the cotton swab? The rod was about twice the diameter of the swab... Ouch!

Next most common question: Yes, it did bleed. The tissue down there is very vascular, and so the removal of the cylinder of tissue broke a lot of blood vessels. It bled for about a day and a half. Really bad for about the first 2 or 3 hours, and then on and off for the rest. This is to be expected, given the nature of the pierce, so don't be alarmed (well, if it's bleeding a lot, be alarmed.) just realize that it's going to happen. You'll feel better about the whole thing if you expect it -- wish someone had told me.

The next most common question (can't believe this is actually third. I would have expected first but that's just me, I guess.:) Yes, the sex is better. There is a lot of internal stimulation that you just don't get without it. Changes the flavor of it. I do find that if the sex is long it begins to get sore, but that is easily remedied by taking a break and taking it out. As far as the female side of the situation goes, I have it on authority that it does alter the feeling (that is, they can feel it) and that it does enhance the sex.

Aside from the pain and blood, which were both transitory, this pierce is probably my favorite one. I mean, you've got this metal thing in your penis. It gives you a whole new facet to your body... it's also really nice as an icebreaker :)

"I hear you have your penis pierced."
"Yep. Would you like to see?"
"Um.... sure!"

So if you're thinking about getting a PA, do it. I definitely recommend it.