B   E   R   N   D        S   C   H   R   O   E   D   E   R

530 Ellis Street     Berkeley, CA 94703     Tel: (510) 658 2037      E-mail: bernd@hungry.com


S   U   M   M   A   R   Y

5 year work experience in various fields of the design industry,
including production, corporate identity, web design, web graphics,
illustration, print, and packaging design
Master in Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark
Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design from the University of Idaho
Excellent computer skills on Mac and Windows
Bilingual: English and German

S   K   I   L   L   S   /    S   O   F
   T   W   A   R   E

Mac: Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Xpress,
Freehand, Pagemaker, Painter, Image Ready
HTML handcoding,
Dreamweaver, BB-Edit, Gif Builder
Illustration, painting, photography

Very fluent English and German, five years of French study

E   X   P   E   R   I   E    N   C   E

Art Director (Summer 2000-present)
San Francisco Business Times, San Francisco, CA
Graphic Design and Art Direction for the
San Francisco Business Times weekly publication
Tasks include
-Redesign of the entire newspaper plus setting up all templates, stylesheets and writing a style guide for the new design.
-Art directing every project that I can not execute myself (photoshoots for example) and take care or create every element that goes in the paper.
-Creating covers, concepts and themes for frequent special publications such as the Hot Dot Internet Awardsor the Oakland Structures and applying those designs and themes to the award ceremnoies that follow many of the special publications.

Graphic Designer (January 1999-Summer 2000)
InfoWorld, San Mateo, CA
Graphic Design and Webdesign for InfoWorld
weekly magazine and online publication
Tasks include
page design and layout, arrange and art direct illustrations and photoshoots,
creation of infographics, illustration for print and online,
responsible for all graphic elements on InfoWorld.com

Freelance (1996-present)
Logo design for Liquid Space CD label
Design and layout for audio CDs
Gritman-Vandal Tennis Classic T-shirt, corporate ID for
Pacific Salmon Co. and various flyers and posters.

Graphic Design (summer 1997)
TC-Gruppe, Ludwigsburg Germany
Clients included EXPO 2000 and German Telecom
Tasks included logo design, stationery, video cover,
brochures, invitations, newspaper ads, package design, photography,
illustrations, desktop publishing (See reference letter)

Pre-Press (summer 1996)
Fotosatz Muller, Korb Germany
Tasks included designing ads, scanning and touching up of scans,
film development for print

Printing Press (summer 1994 and 1995)
Druckerei Klett, Korb Germany
Tasks included printing related tasks in printing factory

E   D   U   C   A   T   I   O   N

Graduated from Salier Gymnasium Waiblingen, Germany (highschool)
in 1994
Attended the University of Idaho on a four year full scholarship
Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design from the University of Idaho
in May 1998

P   O   R   T   F   O   L    I   O

A portfolio with samples of my work can be seen under this address:

R   E   F   E   R   E   N    C   E   S

Cathy Krizik,
Design Director, InfoWorld
Tel: (650) 312 0569
E-mail: Cathy_Krizik@infoworld.com

Delphine Keim Campbell,
Graphic Design Professor, University of Idaho
Tel: (208) 885 9066
E-mail: delphine@uidaho.edu
Reference Letter (click to view)

Gunther Lickert,
Creative Director, TC-Gruppe Ludwigsburg, Germany
Tel: (49) 7141 128169
E-mail: glickert@tc-gruppe.de
Reference Letter (click to view)