R   E   F   E   R   E   N   C   E


Mr. Bernd Schroeder, born on 05/31/1973, resident of Korb, worked between 06/09/97 and
07/18/97 as a trainee in our graphic studio.

Mr. Schroeder was a committed employee with all the studio related tasks. He had the opportunity
to work with various computer programs such as Quark Express, Photoshop and Freehand and to
improve his skills using the Macintosh computer.

His areas of responsibility included graphic layout, Desktop Publishing and final draft works, especially

- The preparation of newspaper ads
- Smaller illustrations for ads
- The realization and final drafts for image booklets
- The development and realization -till ready for exposure- of letter paper
- The development of invitation cards
- Design and production of a video cover

Mr. Schroeder settled all upcoming tasks with care and always to our greatest
satisfaction. In contact with colleagues he was popular and accepted throughout. In addition to his
fast learning ability we especially want to emphasize his deft handling of the Macintosh

We wish Mr. Schroeder good luck with his studies and further occupational development.

If we have the opportunity we would like to talk about a permanent position with Mr. Schroeder.


Ludwigsburg, the 3rd of July 1998


Fred Oed & Partner
Communication Consulting



(signed) Siegfried Ohnewald