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Feb 2, 1998

So, I've finally started writing docs up on what I think Y will be, what it is currently, etc, etc.

Some of the documentation below is a little thin. I've got lots of ideas in my head about how things should be architected, and I'm really trying to get them all down, but I'll miss some. If anything seems blatantly wrong, something needs clarification, or you have a suggestion or idea of your own, send me mail.

I'll see what I can do about gathering up a .tar file for the Y stuff, so people can start playing around with it.

Misc Docs and Design Specs
A Quick Look at Y 10,000 Feet answers the question: What the hell is the Y thing anyway?
Y and Hardware
Y's color model
Y Font Renderers
The Y Micro Server
The Y Network Server

Client Libraries
Ylib the interface to displays, windows, drawing, and color.
Yi18n the interface to internationalization/localization in Y.
Yshm a platform independent shared memory library.
Ydll a platform independent interface to shared libraries.
Yfont the interface to fonts and plugable font renderers.

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