It's all bad Tuesday, October 30, 2001
We're presently recovering from losing 2 disks in machines that house all of's core services, homedirs, etc. Please bear with us for the next few days, there may be more hiccups before things return to normal.
Cheaper Tshirts Thursday, November 4, 1999
We've reduced the price on our Hungry Tshirts so you can now get them $2 cheaper than before.
No News For A Long Time Thursday, November 4, 1999
The Hungry Programmers realized that they haven't had any news here for quite some time. They will remedy that shortly.
JavaCVS 0.01 Released Sunday, June 27, 1999
This release brings the client code out for a spin.
JavaCVS Server 0.00 Released Thursday, June 24, 1999
New hope for CVS users everywhere!
CVS Sorry! Monday, March 8, 1999
If you tried to reach the CVS server for the past few days and you weren't able to use it, it's because it's CPU was loose. Yes. Loose. Keep those little wires on the ZIF sockets hooked under their catches. Otherwise, flakiness and strange crashes will result. No damage to the CVSROOT was detected, however. Have fun!
Japhar Tshirts! Thursday, August 6, 1998
The Japhar Tshirts are ready! These feature the new stylish Japhar logo on the back and a small Hungry logo on the front. We'll have a Lesstif shirt in the near future as soon as we come up with a great, new design.
Hungry Tshirts! Wednesday, July 22, 1998
We finally have our Hungry Tshirts available for purchase. Get both! Then come back later when we'll have designs for a Lesstif shirt and a Japhar shirt.
SQRL snapshot released. Sunday, July 5, 1998
Another SQRL snapshot has been released. See the SQRL News for details.
Sorry About That Thursday, April 30, 1998
Sorry about us being down for a while. In case you tried to visit us in the past couple of days, we were down because of some fucked up routing stuff that one of our upstreams,, has been inflicting upon us. Our friends at have been on the problem, but it seems to mostly be out of their hands. Sorry!
New Hungry Project Saturday, April 26, 1998
SQRL is the newest addition to the Hungry Programers' list of insanely ambitious projects. SQRL aspires to be a full SQL-92 DBMS, and when complete, it will in fact do your dishes for you. Check out the web page to keep up with the latest news on this revolutionary home improvement product.
FreeBSD rocks Saturday, April 9, 1998
FreeBSD kicks ass. Just wanted you to know this so that as you spawn off all those neat free software projects, you might get a FreeBSD partition and try out your software to make sure it works. Linux is not the only game in town...
mozilla-contest website set up Saturday, April 3, 1998 is online now. It is hosting a contest for the best new icon for the nifty free mozilla browser. Check it out!
Release 0.02 of Japhar Saturday, Mar. 28, 1998
Check out the Japhar NEWS.
Release 0.01 of Japhar Wednesday, Mar. 11, 1998
Lots of new stuff here. Check out the Japhar NEWS.
Firewall Installed Saturday, Mar. 7, 1998
We've implemented a new firewall with some stuff that I haven't tested out super well (specifically whether our ftpd really does stick to ports 40000-45000 like it says it does for PASV mode). If you experience any problems with ftp'ing, please email and let us know what your problem is.

Please, don't bombard us with email if your ISP is hosed, or if your connection is slow in general. We can't help you with that. The Internet is Melting. Film at 11.

First Release of Japhar Tuesday, Mar. 3, 1998
The New Hungry Java VM, called Japhar, has been released. It is currently at version 0.0, and is available from

Download it and give it a try. There's a lot of stuff missing, but what's there is in most cases usable.

Better yet, download and contribute! The code is GPL'ed and will, like other Hungry Products, remain free.

The New Hungry Website! Monday, Mar. 2, 1998
To better usher in the new T1 from that Hungry Manor North now sports, we figured we'd go through and revamp all the web pages. Hope you like the new look, comrades :)

Everything under the Products pages will eventually have distributions (and in some cases text :) Please be patient, we're working on it.

Last modified: Wed Jul 22 14:43:12 PDT 1998