Japhar: News

New in 0.05
  1. --with-dmalloc now enables dmalloc.
  2. dump-class and japharh now using getopt.
  3. new object representation is in, which is more efficient in both space and time.
  4. Bugfix in opcodes
  5. Some JNI improvements
  6. Started on Win32 support.
  7. Started on documentation.
  8. Plugged some memory leaks.
  9. Better thread support (implemented more native methods)
  10. Improved handling of .jar and .zip files.
New in 0.04
  1. Added support for Netscape's NSPR library. enable it using --enable-nspr when configuring.
  2. The JNIEnv pointers are now handled properly -- native methods now use (*env)->Function instead of (*env->Function).
  3. Japhar is now distributed under the LGPL. Well, it's libraries are LGPL'ed and the example uses of japhar (the japhar interpreter, japharh, and dump-class) are distributed under the GPL.
  4. Due to licensing foo in Sun's JDK distribution, you have to have your own copy of JDK1.1.5 to configure japhar. use --with-sun-jdk=<path> to tell japhar where it is. It'll slurp out the stuff it needs. Please make sure it's 1.1.5, or you're going to be in a world of pain.
New in 0.03
  1. libtool-1.2 and automake-1.2h are being used now .
  2. squashed a *nasty* bug dealing with the operand stack's top pointer not being restored to the correct value when we pop a stack frame
  3. javac now prints out a usage message when run with no arguments.
  4. Runs on Solaris 2.5.
  5. Bugfix in network and file code.
  6. Removed some memory leaks
  7. Now using GNU getopt
  8. Skip unknown class attributes instead of crashing
  9. lib/libjvmdi is now present (in all it's incomplete glory :)
New in 0.02
  1. We've learned a bit more about automake in this release, so the testsuite should be working.
  2. Bugfixes in the socket code
  3. Changed how to find runtime classes. Now looks thru $prefix/japhar/share/ adding all .jar files it finds.
  4. Fixed problem with missing -lSM and -lICE when not linking with X11
  5. Some speedup in method resolving
  6. Some 64bit cleaning
  7. Fixed behavior of GetObjectClass for native methods.
  8. More motif awt work.
New in 0.01
  1. Japhar now comes with native methods and a classes.jar file from JDK 1.1.5.
  2. we now include the JDK's properties files.
  3. This release incorporates Petter's dejagnu testsuite. Check the README for more information.
  4. Numerous native method bugs fixed.
  5. Changed stack frames from being malloc/free'ed to being carved out of a per-thread malloc'ed area that's only malloced when the thread is initially created. Should speed things up.
  6. filled in native methods for java/lang/SecurityManager.
  7. addition of stubbed out libnative/sun.debug.agent.
  8. work on sun.awt.motif is proceeding. appletviewer pops up windows, but doesn't even come close to working yet.
New in 0.0
  1. First release of japhar code (version 0.0).

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