Chris Watkins

Rackspace CLOUDU, VCP#667, CCNA, CCDA, WCSP, WCSE, MCP#1314, CPS, CNE, CBS, Security +, A+, SCTA


Find a remote/travel position that will advance my skills,  challenge myself & team.

Profile Summary:

Critical Skills:

Certifications: (I’ve obtained a number of VAR/Resellar Certifications not listed)

Work Experience Summary:

Basic Computer Center, St, Boise, ID                                            Sep2009 to Present

Senior Automation Engineer

Basic Computer Center a VAR/Integrator.

For the last 5+ years some of the key skills I learned/executed were:

• Experience in Web-services technologies like XML, SOAP, REST, XSL and Cloud API

• Experience in software development life cycle.

• Executing Project life cycle activities on development and maintenance projects.

• Hands on, sometimes solo Design and architecture review.

• Like a typical VAR environment, working  in team in diverse/ multiple stakeholder environment

• Analytical skills - of all types: Cost of Ownership/Financial, Environment lifecycle

• Experience and desire to work in a Global delivery environment, Nearly two decades in home office.

• Presented technical strategy/architecture to clients.

• Architectures included both Hardware/Software in legacy environments & hybrid cloud architectures.

IMPAC Services, ID                                                                  May2006 to Sep2009

Sr. Security Oracle IAM Cloud Security Architect

• Deployed alpha SSO (Single Sign On) technology at clients using oracle products.

• Presented Architecture & competitor comparisons in pre-sales engagements.

• Remotely deployed live demo architectures for client approval/compliance.

• Provided technical vision for internal SSO/Managed Services practice.

Intermountain Technology Group                                                 Apr2004 to May2006

Sr. Security Cloud Architect (Now SaaS Cloud practice)

• PreSales consulting role in asset protection products Certifications from Cisco/ASA, Symantec, Websense, Watchguard, VMware, Microsoft, etc. Implementation of several asset protection projects using VMWareP2V to consolidate internal servers. (Original ESX 3.X VCenter)

• Assisted enterprise level customers on VMWare/P2V installations of 200+ servers or more.

• Installed and configured firewalls at enterprise installations of 1000+ PC multi site rollouts.

• Engage clients in independent external audits. Client sites had 2500+ router installations.

• Design and build lab for Server consolidation failover demonstrations. Recommend cost reducing VOIP technologies. Implement mobile workplace users with remote desktop, support palm base units and provide project plans and technical architecture for CRM rollouts. (I made legacy clouds)

SmithSport Optics                                                                 Jan2002 to Mar2004

Network Security Administrator App Developer DevOps

StorageTek Managed Storage Services (Now Oracle)                         Mar1999 to Apr2001 DevOps Technical Architect and Project Manager new engagements (presales engineer)

Barclays Global Investors                                                           Jan1998 to Jan1999

Internet Group Manager

•  Responsible for retrofit of sites, multiple Internet connections.

•  Redesigned DMZ networks.

•  Redesigned Internet Intranet web servers and source control software. Used Raptor, socks, fwtk, VPN.

•  Interfaced with external security auditors to pass quarterly security audits.

•  Rolled out LDAP and proxy server to 2000+ client machines.

* Additional work history available on request

ComputerLand of Boise                                                                   1997 to 1998

Intermountain Technology Group Chief Technologist

Responsible for training of System Engineers and placement of SE's for contracts.

• Define and implement infrastructure for customers and internal network(presales engineer).

• Work closely with clients to redesign, plan and then allocate resources for projects. Key focal person for technical problems.

• Managed 13 SE's in problem resolution. Provide enterprise contract skills to key clients.

• Managed Definity. (We fixed the network portion of the Cloud, usually pictured as a cloud)

* Additional work history available on request to 1998 - All IT/Manage/Admin positions


Had consulting constracts with the following:,,,,,, BPSRepographics, ComputerWarehouse, Nexsys.

Those engagements included: RADIUS TACAS LDAP IAM SSO OSPF DEC/ALPHA, Token-Ring, Frame-Relay, Cisco IOS (since 1992 w/AGS+&ver.8), FC60 FibreSAN, EMC/Storagetek Navisphere/SAN, BGP


1989 - Boise State University - Graduate

Cloud Development Implementation Skills:

NetDev Ops DEVOPS automation engineer, CloudFoundry, Openstack cinder, SDDS, Nova, Swift, cinder, Neutron, DevStack, Amazon EC2. NETDEV Network SE, Lanalyzer, CiscoPrime, Openview (*nix PC), ExCelan(Novell)Lanalyzer Ethercap, EtherApe, tcpdump, (Ethereal WireShark), ngrep, Infoblox certified, Kismet mac*, NetSurveyor, Snort, tripwire, nmap, (most tools on or predecessors.)

Other Technology that I am either certified on or have installed/deployed, most at a SME Level.

Solaris, SunOS, HPUX, IRIX, AIX, Windows 3.x 95, DOS, Windows NT 3 4 2000, NetWare, OSF 1, OS 2, Banyan, C++, C, sh, Pascal, HTML, perl, java, HP Risc, Compaq, Auspex, NetAP, SGI, SUN. RAID, Mirror Striping. LSI, DG, StorageTek, HP, Hitachi EMC Disk, Cadence, Lotus notes, GroupWise, Networker, Netbackup, SQL, ClearCase, Notes, MKS, cvs, Netscape commerce server, Veritas, Netscape Proxy Server, Netscape, Apache, SourceSafe, Purify, Raptor, fwtk, SMS, ArcServe, BackupExec, ColdFusion, AFS, ADSM. Token Ring, FDDI, Ethernet, LAN,WAN, LAN Manager, OS 2 LAN server, DDS, T1 DS3, PPP, FrameRelay, ISDN, Cisco, Livingston, Ascend, SOCKS proxy, SMTP, NNTP, SNMP, firewall, ATM, BGP, DHCP, WINS, BOOTP, IP, proxies, RAS, NAT, Openview ITO NMM, SunNetManager, Radius, OSPF, TACACS, ssh, NFS, automounter, NIS, DNS, Sendmail, TCP IP, IPSEC, EIGRP, VOIP, VPN, Openstack Havana, SDDC, SDS, SDN, puppet, chef, vagrant, packer, hive, pig, Ubuntu 13, Cinder, devstack, HTFS, Pivotal(HD,CRM)

Historical Experience Skills Platforms Software: First computer was TRS80 Model 1 had 4k and cassette tape drive With Microsoft BASIC in 1978. Development of Terminal programs/Hayes Modem Autodialer.