Point Pinole with Bernd!

Point Pinole View

Bernd's leg was still hurting from an injury that he had sustained while camping on Mount Diablo, but he really wanted to get out, and since Marya and Steph were away on a yoga retreat, we decided to take a nice hike out at Point Pinole State Park.

This place used to be a dynamite factory. There are strange old dug out areas where I guess they made the stuff so that if it blew up, it wouldn't flatten everything near it. Most of the area is covered by nice grass and tons of ecualyptus trees. There is also a nice pier that goes out into the bay which lots of people fish upon. It's usually pretty windy, but this day, it was rather still. Which made it fairly warm. This is a good place to hike if you want to take it easy. There are lots of trails, quite a few benches in scenic areas, and very little up and down. And yet there are all sorts of birds and pretty views of the bay and nice meadows, etc. There's even a picnic area with a playground and so on, so it's a nice family area.

I only took a few pictures. There were a TON of butterflies which we wanted to catch a photo of, but they were always moving and so we never were able to properly catch one. Anyways, my pictures can be found here. And I didn't take the GPS because it was so simple of a hike.

Have fun!

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