Go away. I'm busy.

I used to not be busy. I used to be in school. Things were easy then. I could blow off classes and just hang out in the the computer lab, coding.

Now I work all day, almost every day, at Netscape. I (with the help of about 12 other people) do the unix front end. I'm a mail/news person but I touch just about everything dealing with unix. Also, I'm entirely to blame for the fact that you can write mail and news filters in javascript.

But, the fact that I'm wasting away my arms typing all day for money doesn't lessen my need to write my own code -- stuff that I can call my own, and give away. So, I've been working on several projects here at home, on my days off or when I get home and don't feel like sleeping.

I'm probably going to start putting up work-in-progress type tar files up on the hungry site (and actually make web pages for these things), but until then if you're interested (or on the offchance you'd like to help) just send me mail and I'll tar up my tree and ship it off to you.