RT: UiO modifications

UiO uses request-tracker to handle user requests for a large number of sysadmin groups. This is a summary of the changes we did to the default installation


Petter Reinholdtsen pre@usit.uio.no / pere@hungry.com
RT workshop, Oslo, 2006-06-14

Local changes done to UiOs RT installation

Most of these are based on code found on the web.

Change summary 1/6

LDAP authentication with local users
LDAP to RT synchronization of groups and user information

Change summary 2/6

Automatic password generation for non-LDAP users
Filtering spam to spam-suspect queue

Change summary 3/6

Ticket administration using email
Mail threading based on SMTP References and In-reply-to (merged)

Change summary 4/6

Automatic ticket priority escalation
Automatic reminders to ticket and queue owners

Change summary 5/6

More consistent date/time display (timezone)
Automatic remove queue addresses as ticket watchers

Change summary 6/6

Emailing stats for each queue
Module for statistics

Thank you very much