Linux and Unix stuff from Petter Reinholdtsen

Here is some of my collection of stuff written for Unix and linux.
check_gdth_raid - 2006-05-16
Nagios module to check gdth RAID status.
plan2icalendar - 2002-01-10 updated 2006-01-24
Convert plan files to/from iCalendar format.
gmanespam - 2005-12-28
Script to make it easier to report spam in gmane groups.
gps3d-1.20-gpsd.diff - 2005-01-02
Patch to get gps3d to use the common gpsd instead of its own private implementation
ubahn-oslo-0.5.tar.gz - 2005-01-02
Subway map for Oslo, Norway (U-Bahn Navigator)
otsr-1.1.3-mail-replies.diff - 2004-01-09
Add References and In-Reply-To parsing to OTRS version 1.1.3.
uae-0.8.22-mmu.diff - 2003-08-21
Add MMU support to version 0.8.22 of UAE (Amiga Emulator)
ypserv-2.8.92-20030610.diff - 2003-06-02
Porting ypserv to non-linux platforms. - 2001-12-12
Create a VCG or a dot call graph file from the output generated by gprof. (example graph from dot) - 2000-06-29
Simple unix password hash generator to generate CVS :pserver: access list entries.
meteor_fgrab_widget_0.8-pere.diff - 1999-12-14
Patch to get Matrox Meteor Tcl/Tk framegrabber widget 0.8 compiling on RedHat 6.1.
check_po_consistency - 2001-08-05
Check gettext translation files (.po files) for inconsistencies.
auto_translate - 2001-08-05
Autotranslate gettext translation files (.po files) based on existing translations.
Store utilities
storeconfig-20001009.tar.gz - 2000-10-09
Make it easier to maintain ~store/etc/config.
store-extra-20000928.tar.gz - 2000-09-28
My collection of store scripts.
Automatisk kompilering av Store-programmer på alle plattformer 1999-07-28
Norsk instruksjon på bruk av scriptet build-all.
wreq patches relative to 2.7
no-sig-no-mime-2.diff 1999-05-19
Add option to remove sig from incoming mails. Only accept MIME mail of type text/plain or non-MIME mail. Unpack ISO-8859-1 MIME-encoded subject in incoming mails.
list-all-config.diff 1999-05-16
Bugfix: Add missing field (announcement) to config listing.
list-stat-mail.diff 1999-05-16
Bugfix: Correct text statistics email count.
handle-no-GD.diff 1999-05-16
OBS: Do not work... Make sure everything in statistics package except graph generation works even when is missing.
url-fix.diff 1999-05-16
Correct URL to home page to include trailing slash, and include link to home page on every wreq page.
list-top-newrequest.diff 1999-05-15
Change confusing label 'Top' to 'New request'.
newreq-linkform.diff 1999-05-15
Add link back to web form from page presented after accepting a request.
no-scriptdir.diff 1999-05-15
Remove the need for config variable $scriptdir
no-sendmail.diff 1999-05-15
If sendmail is missing, use module Net::SMTP to send mail
linux-nfs-wp8-nolock.diff 1999-04-20
Ignore all tries to lock over NFS. This gets WP8 running. A better solution is the 'nolock' mount option.
SANE patches not yet included in distribution (and other stuff)
Unstable development snapshot - 2000-08-02 (old 2000-07-13, 2000-04-26, 2000-02-27, 2000-02-21, 2000-02-13, 2000-02-06, 2000-01-30, 2000-01-23, 2000-01-10, 1999-12-12, 1999-11-19, 1999-09-12)
Win32 scanimage (v1.0.1 + patches) - 1999-08-14
CVS server information - 1999-07-25
dll-cleanup.diff - 1999-04-28
Cleanup and bugfix in dll backend
sane-init-return.diff - 1999-04-28
Change spec to require sane_init() to return SANE_STATUS_GOOD before backend is usable.
install-hpux.diff - 1999-04-28
Make correct symlinks on HP/UX, and install to allow binary rebuild during install.
sane-win32.diff - 1999-04-09
Win32 patches to dll and net backend, relative to v1.01pre4.
html-search-replace - 1999-02-19
Search and replace params in HTML tags.
cd2mp3 - 1999-02-02
Perl script to rip music from CD into MP3. This script do the right thing with file names, store times, etc to include the files in my CGI mp3 system. - 1999-02-02
Use cdda2wav, gcdplay and l3enc to convert CDs to mp3.
SAMI-WS2 - 1999-01-20
SAMI charmap WS2
ISO-IR-197 - 1999-01-20
SAMI charmap ISO-IR-197
charmaps-check - 1999-01-20
Perl script to check if charsets uses the same symbolic name for identical Unicode characters.
logout-hanger.tar.gz - 1999-06-04
Demonstrate kwm hanging logout bug. - 1999-05-01
Use xmodmap to extract kikbd keycode map from X server
klpq-printcap-missing.diff - 1999-04-25
Better error message from klpq if /etc/printcap is missing or unparsable.
pc102.kimap - 1999-01-12
Keycode definition for pc102 US keyboard
hp9000hil-107.kimap - 1999-01-12
Keycode definition for Hewlett-Packard HP9000 ITF HIL (US)
no.kimap - 1999-01-03
Norwegian keymap for KDE International keyboard manager
cron-summary - 1998-11-02
Make a summary of all crontab entries on some machines. Use it like this: RSH=ssh cron-summary host1 host2 host3
extract-comments - 1998-11-02
Extract JavaDoc like comments from perl source to form API documentation.
pg-show-db-access - 1998-09-28
Generates PostgreSQL SQL statements to recreate current access list on database.
HTML2RTF patch for Unix - 1998-03-03
Small patch for HTML2RTF v1.0 for Unix. This is tested on SGI Irix 6.3
ftp-upgrade - 1998-10-10
If you want to find and fetch the upgrades for your RedHat installation, run this program. Now works with plain RedHat 5.0 again. If you want to upgrade 5.0 to 5.1, fetch and install the RPM package "redhat-release-5.1 manually, and then run ftp-upgrade.
aliases2html - 1998-08-20
Take your sendmail aliases and make a nice web presentation. Nest all aliases to find out who really receves the mail.
MRTG data generators - 2001-10-11
Count hosts logged into samba server. - 2001-09-16
Count hosts up/down as reported by ruptime. - 1999-01-05
Show free swap and used shared memory on Linux systems - 1999-01-05
Show load on 1 and 5 minute average - 1998-02-09
Use qstat to fetch user count from a Quake II server - 1998-02-11
Fetch user count from XPilot server or metaserver
mailstats - 1998-09-14
Replacement for MRTG contrib. Get sendmail stats using mailstats(1)
Wine patches not (yet) accepted by Alexandre
wine-auto-author.diff - 1998-09-27
AUTHORS tools/ include/authors.h:
Now generates include/authors.h from AUTHORS using perl script authorsextract.c. No need to keep info in two different places.
wine-ccwarn.diff - 1998-10-25 acinclude.m4:
Add '-Wstrict-prototypes -Wcomments -pedantic' and '-ansi' when --enable-ansi is used, to CFLAGS when using GCC. The code currently fails to compile when -ansi is used.
wine-cdlabel.diff - 1998-10-26
Changed DRIVE_GetLabel to extract ISO 9660 label from CDROMs. It requires read access to /dev/cdrom and 'Device=/dev/cdrom' and 'Type=cdrom' to be set in the [Drive X] section of .winerc.

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