Generic Internet Games Service

Have you ever wanted to find a server to your newly acquired multiuser game. If you in the process discovered that the Internet is huge, you know what the problem is. We ran into the same problem and decided to solve it.

We decided to try keeping a list of all the gameservers on Internet and help the game developers use this information to give the users easy access to the servers.

Working games

We would like to get our system to support all Unix, PC and Mac games. If you know of any other client-server games with source available, then send us an URL. We try to keep a list of games up to date.

Changes done to the XPilot metaserver to get info on servers.
serverpatch for v0.84
patch for v1.5.4

serverpatch for v1.0j
patch for 1.3/Motif
Get Tanked
patch for 0.90


Version 0.86 is released.
Version 0.85 is released to the public.
First public announcement.

Download library

The last version of the library is v0.86. Most bugs are found, but the Java version is not fully functional.

About the authors

Petter Reinholdtsen
Studied 4.5 year at University of Tromsø. Mostly experienced with system administration and web-services. Likes to talk rubbish for hours.
Ken Ronny Schouten
Studied 6 years at the University of Tromsø. Most of the time their was spent on XPilot. Currently working at Telenor Link AS with the project Games. Looking to relocate, so if you have a job to offer...


The library is copyrighted by the authors and freely available for any use. The only restriction is that you are not allowed to distribute modified versions of the library without our permission.

Any questions and request about the system should be mailed to

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