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Smormo-Ed is an editor for molecular diagrams. It tries to be as simple as possible. It keeps track of stereoisomerism and tries to detect aromatic rings. It allows the user to indicate isotopes and set charges on atoms. It is able to read and write SMILES, cml or other formats supported by Open Babel. Smormo-Ed can export to Dia's file format. It is designed so it can be invoked from a scripting language; in addition to having a GUI, it listens on stdin and responds to commands on stdout.

HTML5 Frontend

Here is an experimental HTML5 front-end.

Example Lab-Report

Here is an example of how to use Smormo-Ed and Dia and Latex to make a chemistry lab report.


Smormo-Namer is a utility which reads Smormo-Ed's native format, and attempts to name the molecule stored in it. It is far from complete. Smormo-Ed's "Molecule Information" window (under the File menu) can be used to call Smormo-Namer. Sometimes, Smormo-Namer will produce several possibilities for the name of a molecule. It will output all of them, one per line. The better names will generally be earlier in the list.



Summary Page


To build this, you'll need gtk2, pango, libxml2, zlib and gnu make. As of 1.16, you'll also need sexpr (downloads) and a snapshot or svn build of Open Babel (until 2.3 or 3.0? is released).

This works on Ubuntu 10.04 (September 14 2010):







This software is released under the Modified BSD license.

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