Our Street
(this is just our street, not the actual house)

Hungry Manor North (HMN) in San Francisco

It is in this amazing multi-flat residence of 43 Vicksburg that much of the Hungry infrastructure lives. We have a T1 to isp.net, a cool ISP that we've found, and leftover machines of all shapes, sizes, and OS's. We've got an HP 712/60, an RS/6000 of some sort, a few sundry suns like an IPC and SS10 and SS2, some NeXT boxes, an SGI or three, etc. But mostly (with one notable exception, Kevin :-), we almost all run FreeBSD. It just works so well. And we have a neato phone system which I was given by my previous employer, complete with a pretty nice voicemail system. Soon (hopefully), look forward to us announcing the Hungry choose-your-own-adventure phone maze.

In this house, Seth, Larry, Tim, Chris, Kevin, Callie (not pictured anywhere, but nonetheless a significant inhabitant of HMN), and many other sundry vagrants (esp. during school holidays) live in a state of sometimes not so blissful coexistence. But it's really quite fun. There's pretty much always somebody up and doing something 24 hours a day. The hum of computers is pervasive. Terror, our mail server, chugs away every day with people ssh'ed in from all over the map.

But we don't always waste our time on computers. SF offers much in the way of goth clubs and raves. There are 3 wine stores within trivial walking distance. Many wonderful restaurants are within a bit longer walk, including the oft visited Ti Couz restauraunt down on Valencia and 16th. Mmm. And there are quite a few parks, and the SF symphony, and many other things within easy BART'ing distance. Life is good, in my opinion.

So, in this space maybe sometime soon, you should be seeing a few pictures of the setup here, maybe a live camera. Who knows?

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