The Hungry Tshirts

Microsoft Food Services

Our very first tshirt was a direct attack on Microsoft. Some of us went on a tour of their campus and ate in their cafeteria. The napkins had a logo for Microsoft Food Services. I took a couple of napkins, scanned and stored the graphic for later use.

The front of the tshirt has the MSFS logo over the left breast and the words "I'm still hungry." on the back. Under the words is a sketch of the Hunger Beast. The Hunger Beast is a part of a Mythology that Luke created and is the ultimate origin of our name.

We've contracted with an online distributor to set up a webstore where we can sell our tshirts with minimal effort. The tshirts are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Visit our webtshirt webstore for details.

Can Drive UNIX

Our second tshirt pokes fun at the cardboard signs you sometimes see beggars holding. On the front is a cardboard sign that says "CAN DRIVE UNIX WILL WORK FOR FOOD" and on the back is the Hungry Programmers' color logo.

It's available at our webtshirt webstore.


The third design is the first to feature one of the Hungry products. For the front we've revamped the old color hungry logo and shrunk it down for the left pocket.

The back features the new logo for Japhar, the Hungry Java VM.

Order it online at our webtshirt webstore.

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