Japhar: Why another JVM

Japhar is different because it was designed from the beginning to conform to the JNI Spec published by Sun. So, it's easy to actually embed Japhar in your own programs (you can even create more than one Japhar VM in the same process.)

Performance is important to us, but it is secondary to our primary goal, which is to very quickly follow specifications as they are published. We have, for example, begun work on following the Java VM Debugger Interface (JVMDI). The goal is to hook up GDB to this interface to provide a consistent debugging environment.

That being said, there are plans to work on a JIT for japhar. Please contact japhar@hungry.com for more info, or if you'd like to help out (or write the entire thing :)

Also, japhar uses thread libraries that are native to the machine. Both pthreads and cthreads are supported.

Last modified: Wed Mar 11 04:46:47 PST 1998