The Hungry Motif 1.2 Clone.


The word processor formerly known as XWord. Now a part of the GNOME Project.


A work in progress, this is our 1.1 Java VM. It is presently at JDK version 1.1.5, and we're catching up (both in implementing 1.1.5 functionality and adding features from newer JDK versions) fast.


A relatively new Hungry Project. It offers a virtual 32 bit color space, direct access to hardware by clients, and X.509 authentication and/or encryption for remote sessions.


Remember Compute!'s game? Well, here's a GTK port of it. It, like GWP, is part of the GNOME Project.

Misc. Java Stuff

Here you'll find miscellaneous java applets, classes, and utilities that we have written.

Hungry ViewKit

No longer being actively worked on, we're continuing to make The Hungry ViewKit available in the hope that those working on ViewKit apps on platforms not supported by SGI or ICS will find it useful. Nyah Nyah.

Hungry Tshirts

We finally have our Hungry Tshirts available for purchase. Get both! Then come back later when we'll have designs for a Lesstif shirt and a Japhar shirt.

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